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The first step in web design is to find out what it is you want to achieve from your website? Is it to sell products? To expand your audience? To promote a new brand alongside a print campaign? Once you know what you are aiming to achieve, then we begin in earnest.

At Luminous Design, we are big believers in clean, functional online material, particularly when it comes to web design. It is typical that many websites, even those for large companies with a wealth of resources, are overworked with heavy content, ill-considered typography and layout. If you are looking for designers and developers to create a unique online experience for you and your brand then we are here to help.

Once you have provided a short brief, Luminous Design will continually liaise with you throughout the design and development process with regards to structure, considered type, stunning imagery and user friendly navigation systems all the way through to the completed project. We take a fluid approach to design so our concepts will evolve over time to create a finished website that you are unequivocally satisfied with.

No matter what the size and scale of the job, we put 100% into everything that comes into our studio.

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